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Microheli Airbrush Fiberglass USA Flag Fuselage - BLADE 230 S / V2 / Smart


The Airbrush Fiberglass USA Flag Fuselage design creates a super sharp overall appearance, which not only adds a cool new look to your BLADE 230 S / V2 / Smart helicopter, but also significantly aids in high visibility from airbrush fiberglass shell. The new design aims to gain sharp curve for a perfect aerodynamic ..


Microheli Airbrush Fiberglass Eagle Head Canopy - T-REX 150 DFC/150 X


The Eagle Head Canopy is made of Fiberglass combining with painting technique from the Airbrush. The Airbrush Fiberglass Eagle Head Canopy design gives you the best quality upgrade product on the market and attractive and nice assembly view with multiple exciting and bright colors which not only add a whole new look to your ALIGN T-REX 150 DFC hel..

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