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XCanopy Airbrush Fiberglass Angry Bird Fuselage - BLADE MCPX BL2


  Included: 1 x Airbrush Fiberglass Canopy 1 x Airbrush Fiberglass Tail Boom Cover 1 x Carbon Fiber Vertical Tail Fin Hardwares Weight: 16.37g Usage: Use for BLADE MCPX BL2 both stock frame and MICROHELI frame Requires: Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully Loctite (#242 is recommended..


Heliwow Blade MCP X BL Canopy - type TDR - M1 (HWB-MCPXBL001)

$15.20 $19.00

Blade mCP X BL Canopy - type TDR - M1 Introduction: Heliwow's products have a brand new and upgrade design on the printing style which makes your heli clothing looks more sparkling than before! Make your idea come true !!! It is made with high quality and durable fiberglass material as well as professionally air-brushed in super light and brigh..

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