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Microheli Airbrush Fiberglass SPIDER Canopy (for MH frame MACH 25)


The Airbrush Fiberglass SPIDER Canopy design is deeply inspired by the highly venomous spider image, to create a super sharp overall appearance which not only adds a cool new look to your Blade Mach 25/ Prime 260/ Prime 280 quadcopter, but also significantly aids in high visibility from Airbrush Fiberglass.  See and feel the difference..


Microheli Aluminum Canopy Mount set - BLADE MACH 25


The Aluminum Canopy Mount set is optimized for weight, rigidity & durability of the Blade Mach 25 quadcopter . It is directly replaced the stock plastic. The new design provides the best rigidity from CNC Aluminum material, the rigid platform & firm hold of canopy, the light weight only 1.45g (0.43g lighter than the stock) & the easy..

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